3 Post-Covid Consumer Personas

In our last blog, 3 Traits of post-Coronavirus Consumers, we looked at pandemic responses that are driving changes in consumer behavior.

If you recall, we talked about how WGSN researchers identified three major emotional sentiments emerging from the pandemic in the report “Future Consumer 2022”. These sentiments are likely going to have a significant impact on consumer behavior going forward:
1. Fear
2. Isolation
3. Optimism

Now let’s explore how these three emotions are creating new consumer personas and the impact this could have on your brand.

Your New Consumer Personas
1. Stability Seekers

Age Group: Millennials & Gen Y

With fear, uncertainty and societal disconnection dominating this group’s life, this type of consumer will prioritize simplified and relaxing shopping experiences. They are currently feeling overloaded by a constant barrage of brand emails and targeted ads, many of which lack substance. They care about consuming sustainable products but are also attracted to good deals.

Tips to appeal to this persona:
• Simplify their shopping experience
• Remove website clutter that may be overwhelming
• Do not over-communicate to them
• Help them save money

2. Shop-Local Supporters

Age Group: Millennials & Gen Y

This group is largely tied to the influx of adults between the ages of 25 and 34 moving to smaller “Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities” where the cost of living is more affordable. Remote working is also becoming more acceptable, so many people in this group are bringing their established careers with them. While they want to help grow their new communities and are attracted to consuming local products, they are also still drawn to convenient on-demand services like Prime shipping. They also care about responsible environmental practices.

Tips to appeal to this persona:
• Ensure you provide fast shipping and returns
• Incorporate sustainable materials or processes into your products
• Highlight and collaborate with local and/or small businesses

3. Joy Spreaders

Age Group: Millennials to Baby Boomers

Despite their broad demographic, the primary unifier for this group is avoiding rising levels of fear and anxiety and choosing to embrace optimism. This group cares about being social and they love events. Being the social butterflies that they are, they like to share the things that bring them joy, which can mean new products or discounts that they find. They recognize that Coronavirus may forever change the way we consume products and they are open to new ways of doing things.

Tips to appeal to this persona:
• Stay away from “youth-obsession” in advertising that excludes older demographics
• Be inclusive to all races, genders and ages with your product offerings
• Live-stream selling events that allow for a virtual social buying-experience
• Streamline user experience on apps and website


The Coronavirus pandemic has forced an abrupt change in human behavior. This shift in behavior, driven by feelings of Fear, Isolation and Optimism, is changing the way people consume products and interact with brands. Similar to how ecommerce took off in China following the SARS outbreak in 2003, new forms of consumerism may evolve and take the place of traditional retail relationships. By staying on top of these changes, your brand can adapt more quickly to the post-Coronavirus consumer.


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