What does it actually mean when something is China Manufactured?

You’ve seen the sticker- “Made in China”.  We’ve already gone over some myths surrounding manufacturing overseas in our post What You Thought You Knew About Chinese Factories. Tales of production facilities have been unwound, so let’s move on to some major pros of moving production to China. Here are our top five benefits of manufacturing in China.


This is a no brainer. How many of the companies you are involved with aren’t concerned with money? Less money taken from your bottom line means more of it in your pocket. Don’t mistake spending less money for receiving a cheap product. Those cases do exist, but lower costs for production aren’t always a result of vital corners being cut. China is the world’s leading textile exporter which means they have a vast knowledge of material production and sourcing. All these resources and a slew of other reasons lead to it’s ability to offer materials and production at a lower cost. Here’s what you need to know. If you want to spend less money on production without sacrificing quality, China could be the place for you.



China has a rich background of sourcing and production dating back to 100 BC when the Silk Road was bustling with merchants and goods. With years of experience handling textiles, plastic, metal, etc., factories in China know what they are doing.  Bottom line- it’s what they’re good at. If you want quality from industry experts, China could be the place for you.



The intense focus of the Chinese government on manufacturing leads to an unparalleled investment in infrastructure. Manufacturing cities have access to  raw materials, transportation, skilled workers, and the latest and best machinery. This investment propels China to the forefront of the manufacturing industry and allows them a competitive edge over other countries. If you want access to factories, materials and a wealth of knowledge, China could be the place for you.



We’ve mentioned this word ‘quality’ a few times. Of course you’ve seen dollar toys manufactured in China, but did you know your well known brands outsource overseas? Apple, Clorox, Coca-Cola, General Electric, Black & Decker, Fruit of the Loom, and countless trusted brands know exceptional quality can be achieved overseas. Quality is what you make it. Sure, you can get cheap products made in China, but that would be at your request. If you want credible factories producing favorable products, China could be the place for you.



Each benefit we’ve discussed so far contributes to the speed your products are manufactured and delivered to your door. Sourcing, manufacturing and quality control are all local which means you don’t waste time shipping your goods to various locations. If you want your product delivered in time for your seasonal sale, China could be the place for you.


Just five of the many benefits of Chinese manufacturing. Give us a call if you’re interested in finding how Blacksmith International can help you access these perks!