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What is the Blacksmith Academy?

What is the Blacksmith Academy?

The Blacksmith Academy is your private, one-on-one workshop taught by a seasoned Blacksmith product and supply chain expert. Unlike pre-recorded webinars, you will get all your questions answered by a live professional and leave with an action plan.


Explore the possibilities of creating your own brand as an expert guides you through the product development process and leaves you with a checklist for success.

You will learn:

  • The importance of a tech pack
  • How to hire a designer
  • How to create a prototype

“Lance tailored his advice to my specific needs, and helped get me on the right track. I learned way more than I would have anywhere else.” 

– Brian F.

“This course was helpful and gave me many things to think about with how much things cost to get started with engineers, development and initial production. This was a good start if you are thinking about developing a product.”

– Brittany B.


Learn the tips, tricks and insider secrets to finding a trusted factory and managing your supply chain from a seasoned supply chain expert.

You will learn:

  • How to source a trustworthy factory
  • How to manage production
  • How shipping, customs, and tariffs work

“We saved a ton of time and energy and now have a path forward with our product, instead of spinning our wheels, debating strategy and wasting a lot of precious time and money. Lance has a ton of knowledge and experience and answered every one of our questions and even anticipated issues we hadn’t yet thought of. The practical advice he gave was excellent. To fellow entrepreneurs and product designers: A great idea without proper execution is worthless. A great physical product idea without proper execution is not just worthless, it can seriously cost you in lost time and funds. Highly recommend starting right and avoiding production problems and delays with advice from experienced pros who can set you on a good path and help you along the way. Thank you Lance and Blacksmith International!”

– Andrea & Ethan W.


Learn advanced business structure principles necessary for exponential company growth from a business development expert.

You will learn:

  • The six “scalability” hacks
  • Foundational leadership techniques
  • How to focus your resources for growth

“Brad Fisher and his Scalability process made a real difference at our company. Our infrastructure is now fully scalable, and our Leadership Team has reached a whole new level of alignment and capacity. We are growing at a quick pace, and thankfully, that growth is easier to manage.”

– Vince Bussio, Founder and CEO, Armorock Polymer Concrete

“Brad assisted our family in breaking down many false beliefs and misunderstandings that were impacting the ability of our business to operate effectively. During his time with us, Brad was able to completely transform our organization and management into a company with a strong leadership team who were empowered decision makers and had a passion for the work they were involved in. Thank you Brad for all you have done for us.”

– Paul Dobson, Co-Founder and Board Member James Mason Centers for Recovery

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