China’s National Day (golden week)


For those with supply chains in China, please note that mills and factories are closed during the China National Day (golden week) holiday, which is observed from October 1st – October 7th. Production and shipping times will be delayed!

China’s National Day is a holiday to commemorate the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party. Originally the holiday lasted 3 days but was later extended to a full 7 days to promote domestic tourism in the country.


Chinese New Year 2020


Also, be aware that Chinese New Year comes early in 2020. The 2020 Chinese New Year holiday will begin on January 25th and last until February 8th. Since many people travel long distances back to their home villages for this holiday, factories often do not reopen for a full week after the holiday is over while they wait for their workers to return. This can be a major disruption in your supply chain if you are not ready! Here is how you can prepare:

  • Place orders early! – Make sure you give the factory a full 60+ days to complete your order. With Chinese New Year 2020 starting on January 25th, you should submit your order by mid-October 2019 at the latest.
  • Ship your products before the rush! Make sure your product is shipped 2 weeks before the holiday to avoid delays and higher costs at port.
  • Place larger orders than normal (if you have the available funds) so you don’t run out of product while waiting for your factory to reopen.
  • Use the Holiday to create hype – If your situation requires you to place your order late, then use the situation to your advantage by creating hype around sold out products or process pre-orders.



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