Coalatree is a local Utah outdoor brand. During the Covid-19 outbreak, Coalatree wanted to contribute to community safety by making protective face masks. Some of the masks would be available for the general public to purchase, but many would be donated to communities in need, particularly Native American reservations in Utah.

  • Cost-effective small orders (as small as 150 units)
  • Turn-around times as quick as 3 days from order to delivery

Coalatree teamed up with the Blacksmith Cut & Sew Factory located in Utah to get their masks made quickly. After receiving the recycled fabric that Coalatree donated, the Blacksmith facility’s highly skilled workforce was able to produce the first order of 150 masks in a matter of hours. Due to the factory’s proximity to Salt Lake City, the masks were delivered to Coalatree the next day. As masks were sold and donated, Coalatree was easily able to place several additional small orders (of about 250 each) during the following weeks. In this way, they were able to re-stock before their supply ran out.


One major advantage that Coalatree had in this case was already having fabric on hand and ready to go. If the fabric had not already been sourced, then it could have added over a week to the turnaround time. Providing the fabric also lowered cost of materials and thus kept the production price lower.

Purchase a Mask

Coalatree PPE

To purchase a Coalatree protective face mask, click on the following link: Coalatree PPE Mask


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