Last year on the blog, we talked about what a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is and what goes into making one. We emphasized the importance of simplicity when creating your MVP. Still, like other elements of manufacturing and product design, there are many complex factors to consider. Looking at your MVP from multiple perspectives will allow you to bring more value to your customers.


Understand Your User

It might seem obvious, but the most important perspective you should consider is that of your user. To know who your user is, you need to clearly identify what problem your MVP is solving. Who is this problem impacting the most? How does it impact them? With these answers in mind, you’ll be able to clearly identify who your user is and what they need. After identifying who your users are, you should do your best to understand them. Considering the existing lifestyle, habits, and needs of your user will help you to create the most valuable product for them.


Existing Market

Another important perspective you should look into is the existing market for your product. Your MVP shouldn’t just be the answer to a problem – it should be the best answer! Look at the current market for your MVP. What other products are already available to solve your problem? Where do they fall short?


User Experience

Adding more features to your product may make it appear more valuable, but if those features are unnecessary it often does the opposite. You could have an incredible product that solves the problem in a fantastic way—but if you’re the only one who can figure out how to use it, your product won’t succeed. Focusing on user experience will help your product to succeed in a competitive market.


Creating Lasting Value 

Another way to evaluate your design is from a holistic approach. This means looking at your product not just as a stand-alone creation, but as an interconnected part of a larger world. A holistic design framework can lead to higher customer value for a similar or lower production cost. A holistic evaluation should include the features, performance and costs of your MVP, as well as its carbon footprint, life cycle, and overall global impact. Consider this: is your product generating more waste than it is value?



Here at Blacksmith, we want your product and your business to succeed. That’s why we believe in approaching MVPs from multiple perspectives. By considering all of these factors, you’ll be able to provide value to your customers from the beginning, leading to long-term success.


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