Let’s talk about promotional products.

We’re living in one of the most innovative and cutting edge markets of all time. Fierce competition eats businesses over night and if your brand goes unnoticed, it’s bye-bye baby!

That is why I was once again surprised when I attended the PPAI Expo in Las Vegas.  My hope was to see cutting edge  latest and greatest ways to promote brands. As I entered the massive hall with hundreds of booths and thousands of attendees,  I was just as disappointed as the last time I attended. Everyone is  settling for tired, run-of-the-mill swag.

Now I am not saying that the old standbys are not important. I mean, who doesn’t want another coffee mug, keychain, t-shirt, or stress ball? Or even a shaker bottle, a Nalgene bottle, a Camelbak bottle, or the coveted Contigo bottle? I have nothing but respect for the old standbys. But shouldn’t there be more to it? Why would you want to promote a business with promotional gear that is inferior to the product or service you offer?

Recently, we were asked to come in and take a look at the entire promotional catalog of a significant local brand. First, let me be clear in saying Blacksmith International is not and never has been a promotional product company.  We are not the type of company that shows up with a catalog of items (boring) to choose from. Instead, we take a different approach. We start asking questions and we keep asking them until we understand exactly what you want to achieve. It turns out when the company thought about it, they didn’t want promotional items. They wanted retail ready, original product lines, tastefully branded. They wanted to promote their brand in a way that would tell people who they are and what they are about. Coffee mugs and water bottles were not going to cut it.

In the end, we ideated, designed and produced multiple product lines they now feel confident in giving away as promotional goods or selling in the company store. We were also able to reduce the overall promotional product spend. In other words, a homerun.

Blacksmith International began with the intention of helping businesses successfully grow. We do that in many ways, but most impactfully by manufacturing awesome original products. We have become a leader in creating new and innovative items and will put that skill to work for you.

We produce relevant promotional products that truly embrace your brand. No catalogs. No status quo offerings. Complete customization. If you are exploring swag and promotional marketing options, we would love to hear from you.