Rising Retail Categories

Yesterday, Google debuted a tool called Rising Retail Categories. This tool was designed to help product companies make informed decisions during the Covid-19 outbreak. Google says, this is the first time they are providing insights on product categories based on what people are searching for. The tool can be accessed here.

This new tool focuses on fast growing product categories that are based on retail searches performed by Google users in the US, UK and Australia. For example, swimming pools, golf bag accessories and trampolines were among the most searched products in the US during the month of April.

Google Retail Categories

While Google Trends is a similar tool, there is a key difference. Trends provides insights on anything people are searching for, which may include celebrities, current events and so on. However, Retail Categories only produces data on products that consumers can buy.

Google tested this tool with several businesses before its release. In one test, a cooking accessories company noticed that “flour” was a growing category in the US. As a result, the company teamed up with a well-known chef to create new content that incorporated flour.

The Future of Retail

Having information on fast growing product categories can allow brands to pivot their product offerings or how they market. This tool also breaks down search volume by state. That means targeted ads can be run only in the locations where the product is being searched for the most.

This tool, combined with Blacksmith International’s ability to produce on-demand cut & sew items at our Utah-based factory, could be exceptionally powerful. Imagine being able to test whether or not swimsuits would sell to those people also searching for pools. Now imagine being able to do that with practically ZERO upfront cost. That’s what the Blacksmith Cut & Sew facility offers.

Read how Coalatree, a Utah-based outdoor company was able to use the Blacksmith apparel factory to test PPE sales during the pandemic.


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