Yesterday the first of several shipments carrying 8 million items of personal protective equipment (PPE) landed in Salt Lake City. This equipment has been sorely needed by those fighting on the frontlines the coronavirus outbreak in Utah.

This shipment was made possible by the states’ partnerships with private companies. Taylor Shupe, owner of the Future Stitch factory in China and shareholder in Blacksmith International, was instrumental in getting these goods into Utah.

Private companies like Future Sitch and Blacksmith International typically have more direct access to factories in China than state governments and understand how to work under Chinese regulations. This gives private companies the ability to find faster ways to get PPE into the states.

According to WSJ, China makes 40% of the worlds PPE supplies. However, quality complaints about emergency medical supplies coming from China, largely from EU nations, has resulted in the Chinese government placing new quality restrictions on PPE exports. This has made it even harder for US states to bring in much needed PPE goods in the last couple weeks.

ASTM-F2101 grade Fask MaskBy utilizing our overseas factory relationships and office in China, Blacksmith has been able to help by importing an additional 15,000 ASTM-F2101 grade protective face masks. The masks are expected to arrive on Wednesday (4/22/20). We are taking mask pre-orders via THIS FORM.

Masks with be shipped USPS priority 2-day mail the day that they arrive.

Please stay safe and let’s all do our part to reduce the spread of this terrible virus.