Step 1: Tech Pack

A tech pack, or technical package, is the blueprint of a product. The purpose of a tech pack is to show a factory how to manufacture a product. This document needs to describe the bag’s materials, size, shape, and dimensions in extreme detail.

Step 2: Pattern Making + Sampling

How Backpacks Are Made - pattern making

Using the tech pack as a guide, factory workers in the sample room will create digital cut and sew patterns of the bag. The patterns are then sent to a Plot & Cut machine, which makes a physical copy of each component.

Step 3: Costing + Order Placement
How Backpacks Are Made - costing

Production cost is then estimated after the sample is made. This production quote is based on labor, material consumption and order quantity.

Step 4: Material Prep

How Backpacks Are Made - materials

All specialty fabrics and trims are sourced. Buckles, buttons, zippers and other components are also ordered to the factory.

Step 5: Cutting

How Backpacks Are Made - cutting

The paper patterns that were created on the Plot & Cut machine are laid out on the fabric. Fabric is either cut manually or by a laser cutter. Embellishments like screen printing or embroidery are also added at this stage.

Step 6: Sewing + Finishing

How Backpacks Are Made - sewing

Once the fabric is cut and prepped, the sewing process begins. Assembly will follow the pattern instructions. Specific machines are used at various stages of assembly (binding, bartacking, rivets, etc.). Quality is checked throughout the production process to ensure defect rate is low. With the order completed, a final review is conducted to make sure the bags meet the quality standards laid out in the tech pack before the bags are shipped to the buyer.