POSITION: Purchasing Agent                                               Full-time: 40 hrs/week

EDUCATION: Master’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in East Asian Studies and Chinese-English Translation and Interpretation

EXPERIENCE: 2 years as Administrative Manager, Production Coordinator, or Supply Chain Manager

DUTIES:  May work remotely. Due to the nature of the job, working from home or working at night may be necessary. When working outside of the office or in China, must ensure that co-workers and managers are aware of availability. Report directly to the COO. Available to spend up to three week continuous periods in China on a regular basis, and often at short notice at the sole discretion of Management. Responsible for the accurate and timely provision of all quality control reports and for the overall quality of all products being manufactured on behalf of Blacksmiths clients. Will review and keep copies of all agreements and contracts between DongPo and other Chinese factories to ensure the company has both financial and product-based remedies in the event of the failure by the factory to provide products of the correct quality on time and in the correct quantities. Recognize the crucial nature of the quality of the products produced and ensure that all products that leave China meet or exceed the product description and requirements. Play a key role in the negotiation of the terms between DongPo and factories in China, most notably payment timing and amounts, defective remedies, MOQs sampling costs and lead-times for production. Keep confidential all factory pricing other than to CSO, COO or CEO, unless as an explicit part of the clients’ contracts. (All client pricing will be determined and directed by the managing partners.) Report directly to the COO and be responsible for the co-ordination, management, accurate and timely provision of information to customer service to ensure that all aspects of the process are managed in an efficient and timely manner. Track and report on all manufacturing activity in China. Work with Customer Service to establish customer pricing, deliver samples, and ensure proper quality standards. (Any factory pricing will be kept confidential from sales personnel unless as an explicit part of the clients contract.) Prepare purchase orders, solicit bid proposals, and review requisitions for goods and services from Chinese partners and suppliers. Purchase the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible price and in correct amounts from Chinese suppliers. Monitor and follow applicable laws and regulations both in the U.S. and China. Research and evaluate Chinese suppliers based on price, quality, selection, service, support, availability, reliability, production and distribution capabilities, and the supplier’s reputation and history. Negotiate, renegotiate, and administer contracts with Chinese suppliers, vendors, and other representatives.

REQUIREMENTS: Fluency in spoken and written business Mandarin Chinese

ANNUAL SALARY:  $72,467.00


JOB LOCATION: 511 E. 300 S., Ste. 2, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Qualified applicants send resume to: