For companies doing business in China, 2020 may very easily turn out to be more troublesome than 2019. In a recent article, the China Law Blog unveils a pessimistic outlook on the new year in their “13 China Predictions for 2020”.


It’s worth noting that the expert lawyers that contribute to the China Law Blog predicted the US-China trade war and the subsequent fallout before it began to unfold in 2018. They also successfully predicted the decline of Hong Kong as an international business center in 2019. With such a track record, these new predictions should not be taken lightly.


Here is a brief summary of the unfortunate predictions that may directly affect Blacksmith customers:


  • The US-China trade war will remain unresolved and the tariff threats will remain high. As a result, more companies will move their manufacturing and supply chains out of China in 2020 than in 2019. (Download our guide on Alternatives to Manufacturing in China HERE)
  • Many more companies that try to evade tariffs by trans-shipping (sending Chinese-made merchandise through a third country that has lower tariffs) will be caught and prosecuted. We have already seen many cases of this in 2019.
  • As more foreign companies leave China, Chinese factories will be quicker to copy and sell their foreign customers’ products in the Chinese market in order to stay in business. Companies that are unprepared will likely have no legal recourse when this happens.
  • As a result of all this, the US and China will continue down the path of economic decoupling.


2020 doesn’t look great for product companies manufacturing in China. However, it is for this exact reason that Blacksmith International exists! We take care of the complicated issues that product companies face with manufacturing overseas and help you weather the down-cycles.


Unlike most of our competitors, Blacksmith has a physical office near Shanghai. This physical presence in China gives YOU the following advantages:


  1. Our quality control team visits your factory in-person to ensure your product is made right
  2. We work closely with factory engineers on site to develop your product in the most efficient and sustainable way
  3. If anyone tries to copy your product, you are protected under Chinese law
  4. If tariffs become a major issue for your product, we can easily investigate options in other countries and move your supply chain if needed


The 2020 predictions may be dire, but Blacksmith is here to make sure you are successful regardless of the ups and downs in the market. Contact us HERE to get your product made right without all the headaches.