Founded by professional athletes (Jonothan Diperi, Jared Ward, and Shaquille Walker), MyoStorm’s revolutionary tool, the Meteor, is a vibrating, self-heating massage therapy ball that aids in muscle recovery, flexibility, and chronic pain. The therapeutic product was a hit on “Shark Tank” and seemed like the missing piece that athletes and alike needed.

However, Myostorm’s rapid success illuminated gaps in their supply chain, which left MyoStorm feeling uncertain about the future of their business. It wasn’t until MyoStorm partnered with Blacksmith that they felt renewed confidence in their manufacturing and strategic direction.

After partnering with Blacksmith International in 2020, MyoStorm was able to:

  1. Experience complete supply chain transparency
  2. Re-engineer and improve their product
  3. Design and engineer six new products including a mini-version of their hit Meteor
Problem MyoStorm Shark Tank

When the trio got a deal on “Shark Tank ” with Lori Greiner, they were excited for MyoStorm’s future. Unfortunately, when it came down to manufacturing their product, they did not know where to turn. They needed to find a capable factory with the proper engineering experience to build their product. As they approached factories, they found out that many were not transparent when it came to production costs, planning, and quality. Thus, they struggled to find the true factory partnership that they needed to be successful.

Complete Transparency 

Partnering with Blacksmith gave Jonothan, Jared, and Shaquille access to the ins and outs at every level of their supply chain. Whether needing approval for a new design or hearing an update from the factory, MyoStorm was the first to know. Working alongside Blacksmith’s specialists on the ground in Asia, reassured the trio that quality was met and gave them peace of mind. No longer having to worry about their supply chain or missing an important detail, MyoStorm could better direct their attention on reaching new customers.

Redesign and New EngineeringMeteor Specs -- MyoStorm

The initial Meteor design was quite different when it came to size and capabilities. However, with Blacksmith design experts, the Meteor now comes in two sizes and soothes muscles better than ever. With better wiring, new LED functions, and more vibration, the rebirth of the Meteor is exactly what MyoStorm envisioned from the start. With Blacksmith’s help, MyoStorm was able to have a completely functioning prototype for their Kickstater, which surpassed their original goal and raised 327% of the required funding. Once Blacksmith took on managing their product design and engineering, the rest of their team could focus on scaling their brand and expanding their product line.

Myostorm Product BundleExpanding Their Product Line

After working with Blacksmith for just over a year, MyoStorm now has six muscle recovery products on Kickstarter and has plans for a massage gun. With Blacksmith’s network of factories, MyoStorm was able to form a partnership and feel confident in the production. The muscle recovery and pain management tools include: a large and small Meteor, foam roller, muscle floss, a sling, and a recovery mat. 

Final Results 

With Blacksmith as their partner, MyoStorm trusts that their supply chain is professionally managed. Maintaining visibility has been a key aspect of our successful partnership with MyoStorm and has aided in brand development. Now selling internationally and on Amazon, MyoStorm has enough inventory to keep up with demand, especially when their episode reairs on “Shark Tank.” With six muscle recovery and pain management tools and one on the way, MyoStorm is on track to help a lot of athletes.

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