MoCap Solutions


Summary: MoCap Solutions sells premium motion capture suits and accessories used to create high-end visual effects for movies and video games. Tom Armbruster founded MoCap in 2007 after working in the motion capture industry for several years. He began his business by improving the design of the motion capture markers – small, spherical-shaped objects that are strategically Velcroed onto the motion capture suits. After capturing most of the market share for the markers, Tom’s next endeavor was to redesign the notoriously poor-quality / uncomfortable motion capture suits. His plan was to do this while simultaneously establishing a new business venture – a state-of-the-art virtual production company, which [...]



Summary: In the Spring of 2019, Valor, a high-end women’s athleticwear brand, was still just an idea. By early summer, Valor had partnered with Blacksmith to turn their brand idea into a reality. It was essential to Valor that their athleticwear provide superior comfort and be constructed of the highest quality materials. Over the course of a few months, Valor’s premium women’s leggings and sports bras were meticulously designed, skillfully manufactured in China, and swiftly delivered. Despite delays caused by the outbreak of Covid-19, which happened during production, Blacksmith ensured that Valor received their products in time to capitalize on the work-from-home style trend that followed [...]

Little Poppy


Summary: Little Poppy Co. is a monthly baby-bow subscription that was founded in 2015 by fashionable moms, Lindie Royall and Becca Grider. Their bow subscription, the first of its kind, was a hit among moms with baby girls, which led to rapid growth. However, their production capacity was quickly maxed-out as demand increased and their product quality suffered. After partnering with Blacksmith International in 2016, Little Poppy was able to: Scale production after being matched with an experienced hairbow-making factory overseas Blow away their competition by creating their own exclusive fabrics after Blacksmith put them in direct contact with trusted overseas fabric mills Expand their [...]

Mission Belt


Executive Summary Mission Belt Co. has redefined the common belt as a fully functional fashion accessory for men. The uniquely functional ratchet system makes others obsolete while looking great at work and play. Landing a Spot on Shark Tank resulted in a deal with Damien Johns. Business boomed and MB knew they needed to find the right manufacturing partner to help manage the growth. In comes Blacksmith International. A comprehensive provider of outsourced manufacturing services with a teams in the U.S. and China and ready to handle the load. About Mission Belt Company has completely redefined the way men view and [...]

June & January


Executive Summary Founder and CEO of June and January, Amy Richardson began sewing baby clothes as a side project in 2010. She didn't expect her business to take off like it did: however, 8 months after opening her shop on Etsy, she hired two additional employees to help her handle the workload from the demand of her product. Unexpected growth left Amy to make some crucial decisions for the overall quality of her baby clothes, as value of her product is her first consideration in production. She quickly found her current vendor could not deliver her desired product in a price range or [...]

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