This article from the China Law Blog, discusses the commonplace issue of receiving defective product from Chinese manufacturers at the end of the year. For struggling Chinese factories on the brink of bankruptcy, fulfilling a defective order for a foreign company can be a last-ditch effort to bring in some money before closing their doors for good. This issue has been especially prevalent recently as a result of the US / China trade war.


When this happens, not only are you left with a shipment of defective product that you cannot sell, but you are also out tens, if not, hundreds of thousands of dollars! As the article, Worthless Product from China Factories explains, you will also most likely have no legal recourse when this happens. For most small companies, a defective order on this scale means the end of your business.


This is a very scary problem that is only getting worse, especially for those finding factories through Alibaba or similar platforms.


However, clients of Blacksmith International will never face this issue for the following reasons:

  • Not only do we have a growing list of over 1,500 vetted factories, but we also have a team on the ground in China that visits your factory regularly to ensure that your product is made right!
  • Our team has built tight and trustworthy relationships with our factories for well over a decade!
  • All of our factories go through a vigorous triple-vetting process before we work with them
  • Our physical presence in China ensures you are always protected under Chinese and US law. This means a factory can never take advantage of you!


We desperately hope that you heed our warning before you go and find a new vendor on Alibaba or elsewhere without proper validation. We are heartbroken every time we hear stories of US businesses being destroyed by untrustworthy Chinese factories. Blacksmith International exists to keep your business safe and to help you thrive.


To learn more about how Blacksmith can get your product made right, contact us here.